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Postcards from China I – Vern Fong

I am beginning a new feature on the website today. Postcards from China will (hopefully) become a weekly showcase of China as seen through some other photographers viewfinders. During my time in China I’ve been fortunate to meet many photographers from around the world and I thought this might be a nice way to show […]


Sunday Morning at Xin Hui Tea House

A couple of weeks ago on a hot, humid Sunday morning in Nanning, I met my friends Anissa, Vern, and Suri at The Xin Hui Tea House. Groups of retirees get together there and perform a variety of traditional music throughout the week. They are all past their prime, most with weak voices supported by […]


One Night in Nanning

I posted a short series of photos last night featuring Nanning’s dough-tossing pastry chef, Mr. Zhiang. Those images were taken during a photo-walk with young friends Vern and Suri. The couple spent a large portion of their weekend showing me around the streets of Nanning and despite the overwhelming heat and humidity, I’d do it all again. […]


10 Minutes – Chef Zhiang from Hunan

I was in Nanning last week and in my free time managed to get out for a few photo-walks with some Flickr friends. Flickr is particularly great in one aspect, the ability to meet up with fellow photographers from around the world, knowing beforehand that you’ll have at least one thing in common. Over the […]