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Shadows on The Li

I recently finished another two-week photo tour of China. As much as I love to travel it can be a challenge for a photographer when returning to the same locations again and again. On the one hand you surely become very familiar with certain sites and the logistics of getting there and then meeting some of the same people over and over can […]



Still moving forward and getting caught up here. I mentioned last time that I had some things coming up over the next few months. The first is a 10-page documentary feature in China Photography Magazine entitled “Generations”. More than 6 years in the making, Generations follows 5 different families located across China. In a string of candid interviews we learn something about each family’s history, their […]



I love that word Evolution. To change, to grow, to evolve. Idealy we should continuously be moving forward, growing and learning. That’s easier said than done of course because try as we might, sometimes we just stall out. We hit a wall creatively and can’t seem to get around it. Writer’s block is a term most of […]


APF Varanasi Photography Workshop

Hello kids. Surprise! It’s been a long time since I’ve posted anything to the blog. So long in fact that a few people were wondering what might have happened to me because, well let’s face it, I basically disappeared for a while. I won’t bore you with the details, except to tell you that I had a serious health scare. It was dicey […]


Saying Goodbye to Luo Meizhen

While not totally unexpected, I was saddened today to learn of the passing of Luo Meizhen. At 127, Ms. Luo was purportedly the world’s oldest person ever. She had developed a string of health problems in recent months and died this past weekend. Her grandson was quoted this week as saying Ms. Luo was kind […]

The Egg Lady

The Egg Lady

The Atlantic recently published this image in their on-line edition and over the last few days a number of people have asked about seeing the photo in a larger format, so I’m sharing it here on the website. I took this a couple of years ago in an alley right here in Liuzhou. I like taking […]


Embrace the Grey

I’m struck today by how small our world has become and how fortunate we all are to be living in these times… I am an American photographer sitting in my office in Liuzhou, China drinking Italian coffee out of a mug made in The Philippines. There is some incredible Indian incense burning in my living […]


10 Minutes – The Garden off Donghuan Lu

After years of traveling half-way across the city to buy plants and flowers we’ve recently discovered there is a fairly large, but somewhat hidden flower market just a few miles down the road from us. Yesterday Lily and I set out to get a little exercise combined with a mission to buy some plants for […]


Life on the Streets – Liuzhou

Fickle doesn’t quite describe the Liuzhou winter of 2012/13. A week ago it was zero. The last two days it’s been in the mid 70’s. I am not complaining. Photographer Stephen Patterson and his lovely wife Tina made a pit-stop here in Liuzhou on the way to their Thailand Spring Festival getaway. We had an […]


Postcards from China X – Rob Smith

Our tenth installment of Postcards from China comes by way of Shanghai based photographer Rob Smith. A native of the UK, Rob has been based in Shanghai for more than 15 years now. Initially, he came to work for a UK company as a project manager, but 10 years ago he and another Brit decided to […]


10 Minutes – The Butchers of Guizhong Cai Shi – 桂中菜市 (Guizhong Night Market)

Lily and I took a quick walk over to the Guizhong Night Market last night to play around with the new 5D Mark III. I got distracted (imagine that) and we didn’t get there until after nine and of course by then most of the merchants had packed it in for the night. In the […]


Back to Work…

I am slowly getting back to work and doing all I can to get caught up with everything and everybody. Easier said than done of course but I am doing my best. I thought I should at least post something to the blog since it’s been months. I went back to the hospital yesterday for […]


Postcards from China VI – Tom Carter

Today’s installment of Postcards from China features American travel photographer Tom Carter. Tom is one of my photography heroes and has been a source of inspiration over the years. I first discovered his work even before my arrival in China. His 8 year tenure in The Middle Kingdom includes a ground-breaking 35,000 mile backpack trip […]


Dunhuang – Three Days on the Silk Road

I was recently able to spend a few days in the Dunhuang area of Gansu Province. It was an amazing whirlwind of an adventure that came together on a whim after a casual remark made by our friend Zach. It didn’t take long to decide that if I could somehow underwrite at least part of the […]


Oh the places you’ll go… Yunnan Nights I

Without a doubt one of the things we enjoyed most about our time in Yunnan was the weather. It was very reminiscent of my years spent in the mountains of Colorado and a truly welcome respite from 7 summers spent in the overbearing heat and humidity of Guangxi Province. Almost every day the rain would stop […]


Oh the people you’ll meet… Saving Face(s) in Yunnan.

Hi friends. After a few weeks of traveling around Yunnan Province we are back home safe and sound here in Liuzhou. The plan now is to spend a couple of days decompressing before getting back into the thick of things. We both have a lot on our plates so I’m afraid this vacation will very […]


Postcards from China III – John Horstman

Today’s postcard comes from Dr. John Horstman, a native of Queensland, Australia. After graduating from the University of Queensland with a degree in Veterinary Science he practiced veterinary medicine in the Barossa Valley of South Australia, in Brisbane and on the Gold Coast. He moved on to retail management in the pet industry and then […]


Seeing Red in China

I’ve been thinking about doing some color-themed posts for a while now and figure there is absolutely no other choice but to start with red as it is by far, the most dominant color in China. Red is associated with happiness and good fortune and is symbolic of fire and power to ward off evil […]


Postcards from China II – Jonathan Kos-Read

After Mark Roswell (Da Shan – 大山), Jonathan Kos-Read is arguably the best known foreigner in China. Until fairly recently I only knew Jonathan because of his photography. We’d developed a cordial relationship via Flickr over the last few years without me actually knowing who he was. When I began doing research in preparation for this feature […]


Stoned in Liuzhou

My adopted hometown of Liuzhou is not a really well-known Chinese city. Still, like most places it is known for a few things. There is the local delicacy Luosifen, a pungent, spicy noodle dish in a snail stock that I have yet to fully embrace. I’ve tried. Then there are the famous coffins of Liuzhou. […]


Home Sweet Home

Hi there, I’m back from my quick trip to Shanghai. I’d gone up to see an orthopedic surgeon about the torn ligaments in my shoulder. I went because, call me crazy, I am more than hesitant to have any major surgery done here in Liuzhou. Unfortunately the doctors in Shanghai unanimously confirmed the need for […]


Hot Mama

Hi there, I’m back in the saddle here as my medically induced vacation officially came to an end yesterday. I’d postponed a cosmetics shoot twice over the last couple of months and the agency was losing patience with the aging, decrepit laowai who for no obvious reason or benefit charges twice as much as any of […]


Yangshuo Winter

Last week Lily and I were able to take make a quick weekend trip to Yangshuo with a few friends. A world renowned travel destination, Yangshuo is an unapologetic tourist trap bordered by stunning karst mountains on one side and the Li River on the other. Sometimes a tourist trap is just what the doctor ordered. […]


500KM City Music Festival – Kunming Rocks

Howdy folks… been a while. After weeks of going back and forth with a gaggle of different editors about which images to include in an upcoming photo essay, I’m finally able to post some shots from the 500KM City Music Festival. The two-day event took place September 10 and 11 in Kunming with Sunday’s headliner […]