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8 Days in Kolkata – The City of Joy

It was remarkable really… and as it was with my first trip to India, entirely too short and completely overwhelming. Kolkata (Calcutta) has a certain energy or vibe that I’ve not experienced anywhere else. It’s quirky with all the lanes and the rickshaws and the old trams and mismatched architecture. Controlled chaos perhaps. I’m often asked about […]


Saying Goodbye to Luo Meizhen

While not totally unexpected, I was saddened today to learn of the passing of Luo Meizhen. At 127, Ms. Luo was purportedly the world’s oldest person ever. She had developed a string of health problems in recent months and died this past weekend. Her grandson was quoted this week as saying Ms. Luo was kind […]


Embrace the Grey

I’m struck today by how small our world has become and how fortunate we all are to be living in these times… I am an American photographer sitting in my office in Liuzhou, China drinking Italian coffee out of a mug made in The Philippines. There is some incredible Indian incense burning in my living […]


Back to Work…

I am slowly getting back to work and doing all I can to get caught up with everything and everybody. Easier said than done of course but I am doing my best. I thought I should at least post something to the blog since it’s been months. I went back to the hospital yesterday for […]


Oh the places you’ll go… Yunnan Nights I

Without a doubt one of the things we enjoyed most about our time in Yunnan was the weather. It was very reminiscent of my years spent in the mountains of Colorado and a truly welcome respite from 7 summers spent in the overbearing heat and humidity of Guangxi Province. Almost every day the rain would stop […]


Home Sweet Home

Hi there, I’m back from my quick trip to Shanghai. I’d gone up to see an orthopedic surgeon about the torn ligaments in my shoulder. I went because, call me crazy, I am more than hesitant to have any major surgery done here in Liuzhou. Unfortunately the doctors in Shanghai unanimously confirmed the need for […]


Hot Mama

Hi there, I’m back in the saddle here as my medically induced vacation officially came to an end yesterday. I’d postponed a cosmetics shoot twice over the last couple of months and the agency was losing patience with the aging, decrepit laowai who for no obvious reason or benefit charges twice as much as any of […]


The Math Teacher

Lily’s friend Su Mei is a middle school math teacher. They’ve worked together nearly 20 years. Su Mei turned 40 last week and has a 15 year old son. Now I know I am getting old and I’ll be the first to admit my memory is not what it used to be, but I am […]


Girls of the 14th China International Photography & Electrical Image Machinery Fair

As mentioned in the last post, I attended the China Photography & Electrical Image Machinery Fair in Beijing last week. It was a lot of fun, maybe even a bit overwhelming at times! Every manufacturer of any kind of camera and or camera accessory was in attendance. I somehow managed to get home without buying anything […]


Liujiang Sunrise

Goodbye Summer… The weather is slowly changing. I recently mentioned the good fall weather doesn’t last long here and sure enough today has been cloudy with a little drizzle and oh-by-the-way the humidity has returned. I was fortunate to get out very early yesterday with a full crew and we managed some decent shots before […]


Beauties… by the beast

Historically, I haven’t taken many of these “glamour” type shots, but it seems I’m being asked to do so on a fairly regular basis now. This kind of photography, doing it right, doesn’t come easy to me but over time I’ve gained enough confidence to feel comfortable in at least sharing some of the work. There’s […]