10 Minutes


10 Minutes – Ms. Ma from Zhashi Village

One of the highlights of last summer’s tour of Yunnan Province was the four days we spent at Lugu Lake. Lugu is located in the northeast of Yunnan Province on the border with Sichuan Province at 2,700 meters above sea level. It’s tough getting there. The trip involves 8 mostly harrowing hours on a bus from […]


10 Minutes – The Garden off Donghuan Lu

After years of traveling half-way across the city to buy plants and flowers we’ve recently discovered there is a fairly large, but somewhat hidden flower market just a few miles down the road from us. Yesterday Lily and I set out to get a little exercise combined with a mission to buy some plants for […]


10 Minutes – The Butchers of Guizhong Cai Shi – 桂中菜市 (Guizhong Night Market)

Lily and I took a quick walk over to the Guizhong Night Market last night to play around with the new 5D Mark III. I got distracted (imagine that) and we didn’t get there until after nine and of course by then most of the merchants had packed it in for the night. In the […]


10 Minutes – 李水旺 (Li Shui Wang)

I met Li Shui Wang earlier this month in Kunming. He was sitting on a bench in a small park intently watching me as I struggled with two lenses, a camera and a bag while attempting to change said lenses. Mr. Li, recognizing my dilemma, invited me over to share his bench. He immediately started […]


10 Minutes – The Pillow Huggers of IKEA

I’ve never seen anything like the Chinese when it comes to sleeping. Even after all this time I’m still amazed by some of the innovative sleeping contortionists I run into on the streets. If the ability to fall asleep absolutely anywhere at the drop of a hat ever becomes an Olympic event, China is going […]


10 Minutes – Chef Zhiang from Hunan

I was in Nanning last week and in my free time managed to get out for a few photo-walks with some Flickr friends. Flickr is particularly great in one aspect, the ability to meet up with fellow photographers from around the world, knowing beforehand that you’ll have at least one thing in common. Over the […]


10 Minutes – The Pineapple Lady of Nan Qiang Village

Lily and I were able to jet away to Hainan Island for the holiday weekend. It was a last minute decision, as we seldom manage to wrangle time off at the same time so we figured we should take advantage of that. We definitely needed a break. We’d been struggling with some major decisions and […]


10 Minutes – The Knife Sharpener

A few days ago I met this slip of a man just outside my apartment building. Li Yongkui is a charismatic traveling knife sharpener. The 32 year old father of 2 walks from neighborhood to neighborhood, pulling a grinder along behind him while touting his services via a recorded message played on a beat up […]


10 Minutes – Card Sharks of Que Shan Park- 雀山公园

One thing I really like and admire about the Chinese is how the older generation stays so active and engaged with one another. Excluding all but the coldest of days, I can visit any park in Liuzhou and find groups of retired folks dancing, singing, playing music, performing plays, practicing Tai Chi, or taking part […]


10 Minutes – Yan Qiang

I was fortunate to get out with the camera for a few hours everyday during the National Day Holiday and both the weather and a few of the resulting photographs have been memorable. The fall season in Liizhou is far too short, but when it does finally come it is seriously nice. Reminds me of […]


10 Minutes – Liang Zhirong

Sometimes you can get to the cutting edge by going back to your roots. As one of China’s most celebrated musical craftsmen, Liang Zhirong has traveled the world, filling his passport by creating beautiful traditional hand crafted folk instruments. The instruments are made from memory without any templates, using instincts born by 300 years of […]

10 Minutes – Lei Tang Miao

I went to Long Tang Park today to finally take a full walk around the place. I’ve been to the park quite a few times over the years but it’s always been during some special event or on a holiday so it was nice to not have to fight the crowds. More on the park […]


10 Minutes – The Tailor

I met a lot of people during the course of the recent 24 hour holiday photo shoot. I was able to introduce some of them in the photo-essay but wasn’t able to share very much and no more than one image. I thought it might be nice to share some more details about some of […]