Oh the places you’ll go… Yunnan Nights I

Without a doubt one of the things we enjoyed most about our time in Yunnan was the weather. It was very reminiscent of my years spent in the mountains of Colorado and a truly welcome respite from 7 summers spent in the overbearing heat and humidity of Guangxi Province. Almost every day the rain would stop around dusk and we’d don a light jacket or sweatshirt and head out to explore the local restaurants, bars and shops… usually spending a chunk of change in the process.

I love night photography. Even when people are going about their otherwise mundane daily routines, it can be magic under the right light. I often search for light first, hoping to illuminate something interesting. Frankly hoping to get lucky. Every once in a while you get a winner. I’ll be posting more night images from our trip later but this is all I’ve been able to get processed so far. Here’s a selection of Yunnan images after dark…











We met the Dalmatian in the little village of Suhe. A professional beggar, notice the drool, he joined us outside for dinner at a great little Italian restaurant called Mama Mia’s. Highly recommended if you find yourself in the Lijiang area. The second shot features the Arro Khampa Bistro, a nice Tibetan restaurant in Shangri-La run by a French guy named Daniel. A lot of Yak… and it’s good.

I’ll probably do a short feature on each place we visited sometime down the road. Right now I’m still trying to sort through all the photos and hopefully find a few more keepers. I’ve been asked a lot about night photography over the past few years, in particular about sharpness and keeping the noise down. If enough people are interested I’ll offer up my thoughts on how you might be able to accomplish better results when shooting at night.

Our guest arrives tomorrow evening so I’m not sure how active I’ll be here on-line but I do hope to get some more done before getting back into my normal work routine next week.

Until then…


8 Responses to “Oh the places you’ll go… Yunnan Nights I”

  1. Nancie says:

    Outstanding shots, Michael! Impossible to pick a favorite. The light was “on your side” in all of them. I would be very interested in reading your tips on night photography.

  2. Lorraine Leo says:

    Hi Michael, Your night photography is amazing. I really enjoy your work and look forward to your Expatriategames posts!

  3. Edna says:

    The photo of the girl on the laptop in Dali is far and away my favorite. I don’t know what it is about it that captivates me – the lighting maybe – but I could not stop coming back to that photo!

    • Thanks Edna. That girl was really kind of interesting. Of course the light was nice but she was a stunner, a natural local beauty with no makeup. She was totally aware I was taking the shot and absolutely unaffected. We chatted for a bit and exchanged email addresses and I sent her a copy of this frame when we got home a few days ago.

      I see you’re back in Paris. Hope you had a great time at The Olympics and London in general! Envious of THAT trip!

  4. jesse says:

    Love Yunnan, so fresh out there. Never been to Shangri-La, should check it out. Nice photos!

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