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Postcards from China III – John Horstman

Today’s postcard comes from Dr. John Horstman, a native of Queensland, Australia. After graduating from the University of Queensland with a degree in Veterinary Science he practiced veterinary medicine in the Barossa Valley of South Australia, in Brisbane and on the Gold Coast. He moved on to retail management in the pet industry and then […]


Seeing Red in China

I’ve been thinking about doing some color-themed posts for a while now and figure there is absolutely no other choice but to start with red as it is by far, the most dominant color in China. Red is associated with happiness and good fortune and is symbolic of fire and power to ward off evil […]


Postcards from China II – Jonathan Kos-Read

After Mark Roswell (Da Shan – 大山), Jonathan Kos-Read is arguably the best known foreigner in China. Until fairly recently I only knew Jonathan because of his photography. We’d developed a cordial relationship via Flickr over the last few years without me actually knowing who he was. When I began doing research in preparation for this feature […]


Zach’s Passion Passport

One thing I’ve been fortunate with in my life is that I’ve usually had jobs that allowed me to travel and meet a lot of people. Combine that with my super winning personality and I meet a lot of people. Perhaps it has something to do with the sheer number, but I seem to meet […]