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Postcards from China I – Vern Fong

I am beginning a new feature on the website today. Postcards from China will (hopefully) become a weekly showcase of China as seen through some other photographers viewfinders. During my time in China I’ve been fortunate to meet many photographers from around the world and I thought this might be a nice way to show […]


Stoned in Liuzhou

My adopted hometown of Liuzhou is not a really well-known Chinese city. Still, like most places it is known for a few things. There is the local delicacy Luosifen, a pungent, spicy noodle dish in a snail stock that I have yet to fully embrace. I’ve tried. Then there are the famous coffins of Liuzhou. […]


Daddy’s Little Girl

(Update at the bottom of the page) His children are amazing. Every parent surely feels the same way which is why he doesn’t usually tout his kids achievements in a public forum such as this. Frankly, he knows it would take too much time (because they are that awesome) and that it would quickly get […]


Home Sweet Home

Hi there, I’m back from my quick trip to Shanghai. I’d gone up to see an orthopedic surgeon about the torn ligaments in my shoulder. I went because, call me crazy, I am more than hesitant to have any major surgery done here in Liuzhou. Unfortunately the doctors in Shanghai unanimously confirmed the need for […]