Luoman Village

I took a walk in the countryside today with my friends Rich and Sharon Johnson. Sharon had mentioned a small village north of the city that she’d come across while biking, saying it was a cool little place with a Buddhist temple and a friendly vibe. We headed out into the omnipresent grey muck that is a Liuzhou winter with the idea that Rich and Sharon could try out some photo tips and dial in a new lens before they head to the beaches of Boracay for their Spring Festival break.

Here’s a bit of what we saw…

It was a nice break… getting out of the city for a while and (most) of the people were very warm. A couple of the gals there at the outdoor laundromat were trying to figure out why the heck I was sticking a camera in their face. I love getting out into the country and visiting the locals. Lots of old folks and kids and definitely a place to head back to when it’s warmer. 47 days with no sunshine. I kid you not… except for a brief window a few afternoons ago… 47 days.

Soooooo… I could use a beach about now. I am trying to figure out a way to convince The Johnsons that I should tag along and document their vacation. Or carry bags… or something.

Home for a month and it feels nice.


7 Responses to “Luoman Village”

  1. Dana McCall says:

    I always love the pics you take of the people, you can see so much in their faces. The children are beautiful, and the elderly have such wonderfully expressive faces. Thanks for posting.

  2. Doug Young says:

    Simply beautiful! You really can show it the way it is. I want to say thanks for bringing to everyone that side of the world!

  3. Kim Rodriguez says:


    These photos are exquisite. I don’t know how you do it. Love the lighting, the colors, the details… Really takes me back to when I spent so much time there. Thank you for sharing and bringing China to life once again. So sorry you haven’t seen the sun for 47 days. Seattle is getting knocked about with snow and freezing rain. I would gladly trade you! :-)

  4. Jay says:

    Hi Michael

    Always enjoy your mails and love your photos. As I said back then and as I still maintain today, you are the King of Chinese Street photography. Inspiring work!! Keep well.

  5. Luise Guest says:

    Absolutely beautiful photographs!

  6. Evan says:

    Wonderful set of photos again Michael. That third one of the little girl is great and I really love the shot of the old man with the green hat. The writing in green behind him gives it a little something extra. Always look forward to your photos and life in China. Keep it up and enjoy the sunshine when it arrives. Take it easy, Evan

  7. Anissa says:

    Good to see your pictures again Michael! Have a wonderful holiday and happy Spring Festival!

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