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Screen Shots

In these hi-tech days of instant gratification, it’s easy to forget that not all that many years ago there were no cell phones, let alone a smart phone. There were no iPods or iPads, no internet, no email. When I was a kid even voice mail was unheard of. I’m talkin’ a pre personal PC, […]


Luoman Village

I took a walk in the countryside today with my friends Rich and Sharon Johnson. Sharon had mentioned a small village north of the city that she’d come across while biking, saying it was a cool little place with a Buddhist temple and a friendly vibe. We headed out into the omnipresent grey muck that […]


Blu… and I like it.

Yes friends… I am alive. I’m hesitant to offer any excuses for the lack of activity here on this website but the truth is, I’ve just been busy. Life gets in the way. Work and the travel that goes with it. Finishing the new house. Moving into the new house. Even dealing with what has […]