Howdy folks. It’s been busy ’round these parts. I’ve been in the weeds for more than a month now finishing up school and juggling about 37 different projects or assignments of some sort. I’ve just about hacked my way through so I’ll be posting more here soon about all the changes. Among the biggest changes, is this little fella’. Guys… meet Elvis. Elvis… the guys.

Elvis is a two-month old Pomeranian. He’s cute, afraid of his own shadow and has been stepped on about 15 times in his first few days with us. He has a couple of nicknames. Lily calls him Mr. P. I have taken to calling him Puddles. Elvis was totally an impulse buy. It had been six months since Chewy’s passing and we were walking through the illegal pet market the night I got home when Elvis caught our eye. We each did our best to get out of the market, but one or the other of us kept walking back to take another look at this this dog, I mean like three or four times. He actually jumped into my arms at one point so I was the first to cave but Lily quickly followed suit. He’s about to get his first bath.

I have appreciated all the notes, emails, Facebook updates and the like. It’s my hope to get caught up with everyone soon.


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  1. Evan says:

    Hi Michael, great news about little Elvis. I´ve been away on holidays so just catching up on e-mails, blogs etc. Looks like you had a great time in Hong Kong. That´s one city I definately need to visit. Regards, Evan

  2. Fiona says:

    Lovely Elvis! Miss you!

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