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Taken Down… by Kindergartners

I left the house today for the first time since last Sunday. A week ago Friday I visited the kindergarten again and almost every one of those little brats angels had a runny nose and almost every one of them wanted to touch me. Seriously, there were kids snotting and sneezing and crying everywhere. Way too […]


Aquabike World Championship

I spent the summers of my youth working at my grandfather’s Kentucky River boat dock near Ford, Kentucky. I probably swam in that river nearly every day it was warm enough between the ages of 8 and 14. If I’d had one of these things, I’m not sure I’d be here today. The Aquabike World […]


Liujiang Sunrise

Goodbye Summer… The weather is slowly changing. I recently mentioned the good fall weather doesn’t last long here and sure enough today has been cloudy with a little drizzle and oh-by-the-way the humidity has returned. I was fortunate to get out very early yesterday with a full crew and we managed some decent shots before […]


10 Minutes – Yan Qiang

I was fortunate to get out with the camera for a few hours everyday during the National Day Holiday and both the weather and a few of the resulting photographs have been memorable. The fall season in Liizhou is far too short, but when it does finally come it is seriously nice. Reminds me of […]


Beauties… by the beast

Historically, I haven’t taken many of these “glamour” type shots, but it seems I’m being asked to do so on a fairly regular basis now. This kind of photography, doing it right, doesn’t come easy to me but over time I’ve gained enough confidence to feel comfortable in at least sharing some of the work. There’s […]


Winner Winner Chicken Dinner!

I want to thank everyone who took part in the September giveaways by registering for the RSS feed here on the website. It was a fun way for me, and I hope for you as well, to kick off the launch of the new site. We had 382 official entries either here via the blog, […]


Liuzhou Metal

As part of an ongoing photo-documentary I’m doing on China youth, I went to see a thrash metal band last night at a new outdoor concert venue here in Liuzhou. My friend A Quan plays bass in the band and I’ve been following him and the other boys for well more than a year now. […]


Confucius’ Birthday Bash

We had a big party here this past Monday and I somehow managed to snag an invitation to the grand opening of Liuzhou’s new Confucian Temple, staged to coincide with Confucius’ 2,561st birthday. It was a much bigger deal than I’d imagined. It turned out the celebration was a nationwide thing, as for the first […]