Review Test

This is a sample review posting…

4 Responses to “Review Test”

  1. jesse says:

    Looking forward to some gear testing… bring it on!

    • Yeah as soon as I actually get the rest of the site operational! I am not sure which will be first, the disappointing 50mm f/1.2L or the even more disappointing G11 but probably one of the two.

  2. Sue Kime says:

    Nooooo… I have both!

  3. Vlado says:

    A matter of perspective: one man’s dream gear is another man’s rubbish :) Criteria!

    I was tempted by the G11 as a more compact alternative to my bridge cameras (lighter than SLRs but still bulky). Would be rather keen to see what actually disappoints there. You may convince me to go for the G10 instead :) Yes, there IS a G10 – not a Canon but a Lumix 4/3 model…

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